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Bookkeeping Services

Whether you need a few hours a quarter or full time support, we will design a plan that works for you.

Having accurate, current financial information is crucial for making sound business decisions. At Crystal Clear Financial, we will help you implement bookkeeping practices that will help you maximize profits, control cash flow and plan for the future.

At Crystal Clear Financial, our customized bookkeeping services are built around your business’s needs. Our systems are streamlined to provide you with exceptional services. We can significantly free up your time by taking on the most challenging aspects of bookkeeping for you.

benefits of hiring a bookkeeper

  1. We provide clean, accurate & comprehensive  financial records for banks, investors, tax accountants and even the IRS.
  2. We take care of data entry and administration that goes into keeping proper financial records.
  3. We provide a snapshot of the financial health of your business to help you make sound decisions.
  4. We keep an eye on your financials to ensure your cash flow stays positive.

Meet our client

Their professional atmosphere is top notch!

Working with Crystal Clear Financial Management Group has given me the ability to focus on my craft and be more successful at my job. I have received nothing but friendly “lets see how we can help” attitudes from the Crystal Clear Financial team.  I give my deepest gratitude for their team and the time they put in to create such a great working environment.

Sawyer West Owner of Mr. Beans Veganix

Best Practices customized to your business needs

On-time Reports

Our bookkeeping process provides  you with clear, relevant financial reports you can understand so you know what’s going on with your business.


Pain-free payroll is possible with a seamless online payroll system. Our payroll process offers automation, withdrawals, direct deposits and more.


We can help you with invoicing, receivables, payables and payments so that you can focus on your business while we strive to keep the cash flow positive.

The Right Software

With the right digital package, systems flow smoothly. We’ve done the research and understand how and why specific software fits a particular business. 

Professional bookkeeping services include:

We are a team of financial experts led by Sara Walker. Sara’s background as a financial advisor and entrepreneur have led to a great understanding about where our clients are coming from and where they need to be going. Sara has worked to create a company that could help bring some sense to the financial world of business ownership. Our business has grown by word of mouth referrals from delighted clients and thankful accountants. We use the Pure Bookkeeping System that has been developed and tested by a team of professional bookkeepers, working with hundreds of clients since 2001.

We are here to help! Reach out to us as soon as possible so we may begin the onboarding process and start your bookkeeping rescue directly.

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Crystal Clear Financial Co provides bookkeeping services for a wide variety of personal and business clients with multifaceted needs. We are pleased to provide personalized financial care for individuals with diverse bookkeeping needs.

We are here to help! Reach out to us as soon as possible so we may begin the onboarding process and begin reviewing your bookkeeping directly.

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We are here to help! Reach out to us as soon as possible so we may begin the onboarding process and begin reviewing your payroll directly.

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We are here to help! Reach out to us as soon as possible so we may begin the onboarding process and begin reviewing your payroll directly.

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First we set up a complimentary, no obligation meeting with you. Together we ascertain your needs. We complete a health check of your current financial data files (if applicable). We then review current systems and advise you. Afterward, we recommend appropriate software as required. You will be assigned one of our exceptional bookkeepers. We will file all outstanding sales tax and payroll tax obligations and liaise with your accountant to discuss payment arrangements and other solutions. Finally, we will introduce the Pure Bookkeeping System to your business to keep the work up to date.

At minimum, Making Waves Management needs access to your current bookkeeping and/or financial records, access to your bank feeds and a signed initial work contract. These simple steps are the first complete review to complete your introductory onboarding. If the client has these items on hand, then the onboarding process takes but a few hours.

It gives you peace of mind. It ensures consistent, reliable information. It puts you in control of your finances and keeps you there. Proven bookkeeping finally puts the chaos to rest! Making Waves Management Group is totally committed to having you feel delighted about our service.

We have been at the forefront of management services, bookkeeping services, financial consulting and payroll services for cannabis businesses since the beginning. Crystal Clear Financial Co has tailored expertise and solutions to support cannabis businesses to thrive in a robust and multi-faceted new market.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

transform the payroll process

Payroll processing solutions are the #1 way that we save our clients money.

We offer payroll solutions that meet your business’s needs so you can spend your time growing your business. We offer cutting edge software solutions that put our clients in the forefront of technology. We help employers run payroll quickly and accurately from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

By taking the complexity out of payroll, the Crystal Clear Financial is able to free up time for businesses to do what they do best, run their business. For employees, who were never really considered a stakeholder in traditional payroll processing systems, we put them in the driver’s seat to provide an easy self-onboarding, a personal dashboard, and a lifetime access to pay. 

Why outsource your payroll?

we take care of payroll processing so you can focus on business growth

By outsourcing your payroll tasks to Crystal Clear Financial, you can free up considerable bandwidth, resources, time and equipment all while gaining more control over the payroll process. 

Your Payroll Partner

If you’re a small company just beginning to test the benefits waters, it’s important to focus on the core ones first. Then, as you grow, layer in additional benefits. With health insurance, vacation, and retirement planning, you’ll help your team build a foundation so they can stay healthy, recharge, and have a more secure future down the road.

Our payroll providers can help you manage:

Payroll processing services include:

Payroll Processing

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